365 days – “Wow! What a difference a year can make”

One year ago, I started my new journey. Completely by accident I booked onto a Toby and Kate McCartney NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Foundation weekend. When I realised it was free I decided I would go anyway because it sounded “quite interesting”.

I attended the course and was blown away.  Not only by the lovely Toby and other fantastic delegates but also by the subject   How come these amazing tools are out there and yet I didn’t know about it. I started to think “Just imagine what I could do with these techniques and what it could do for others if I could share it”.

As an Accountant and Project Manager I tended to be risk averse and so although very excited by it I did not sign up for everything straight away. My heart told me to be brave and take the plunge but my head kept me in check and I only took the next step to take the Practitioner Level.

I spent 4 days in London next door to the building where I had started my working career 30 years previously (funny how things go in full circles) and these 4 days opened my eyes to more possibilities.  These 4 days were the start of me understanding what had held me back in my career and what had prevented me from following my passion 15 years ago.  It wasn’t my capability, it wasn’t time, it wasn’t even money, it was my fear of failure and not being good enough.

The Master NLP Practitioner training took me to a new level.  I started to realise that my interpretation of success was perfection; this being the case, no wonder I was scared of not being good enough. How could I possibly move forwards if every mistake I made, I considered as failure.  I knew I had to unlearn these thoughts and behaviours and NLP techniques have been the way for me to change.

It was in November in a quirky hotel called Kirkconnel Hall in Ecclefechan, Dumfries that I learned about my limiting beliefs and found ways to tackle them, and also really understood how passionate I feel about helping others to achieve what they are passionate about and that I can be the catalyst to make that happen – I am your catalyst for change.

I made some lifelong friends in Scotland who helped me to reach this understanding and unlocked the belief inside me by helping to build my confidence by their praise and gratitude they gave and continue to give to me.

A few more months on and 365 days since I attended the NLP foundation weekend,  I have now set up my own business, my own website and this is my first ever blog!

So how about you? Is there something you would like to change in your life? Are you looking to improve, develop or find personal success or feel that you are not fulfilling your potential?  Or maybe you do not know what your aspirations are but know that you want something different or want to be different.  As your catalyst for change, I can guide you on your journey of discovery and realisation.

Imagine yourself in April 2018 looking back over the last 12 months. Will you be saying “Wow what a difference a year can make!”

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