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Do you look at others and wish you could be like them? Are there skills that you would like to improve? Do want to perform better at work, at home or in your hobbies?  Or do you just want to be the best version of you? If you do, keep reading to find out what NLP can do for YOU!

It was only a few years ago that I was introduced to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and it was one of those freak mistakes that took me on the first small steps of my NLP journey.  I hit the wrong button on my laptop and then realised that I had booked onto a free NLP Foundation weekend.  It was a freak mistake and the best mistake I had ever made.

I had not heard of NLP and certainly did not understand what it meant. “Neuro Linguistic Programming” – I understood all of the words individually but did not understand the overall concept.  I wanted a definition that I could grasp and be able to articulate to others.

Perhaps it is the fact that there is not one specific definition. Perhaps it is because the tools can be used in so many different situations or contexts.  Perhaps it is because it can have such amazing and varied impacts. In fact, it is probably a combination of these things that has meant I have found it very difficult to explain the meaning of NLP in simple terms that everyone can appreciate.  This is the challenge for this series of articles.

I consider NLP under 3 categories each of which will be published separately:

  • Understanding our brain’s language
  • Communicating effectively and building relationships
  • Modelling excellence


Modelling Excellence

This final article explains what is in my view, the real power of NLP – modelling excellence.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler, the founders of NLP, took what people did well and explored their attitude and behaviour and turned into a process.  They also created two of the most important NLP language models by modelling other therapists, Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir.

The whole idea of modelling is not new to us; we do it unconsciously a lot of the time.  As children, we learn a lot by modelling others, our parents, siblings, friends, teachers and sometimes we model the good things and sometimes the not so good things!

Imagine, a friend or colleague and a specific quality or skill they have that you admire.  Imagine if you could understand what they do when they demonstrate that quality or how they are able to master this skill.  If you could model that and repeat it wouldn’t you want to be able to do that?

Imagine all of your friends and colleagues consider each of them and their specific qualities or skills that you admire.  If you could model each of those elements and repeat all of them, imagine how much more you could achieve.

And then imagine if you could learn from the best in the world or somebody who was performing at a state of excellence, such as an Olympian, and think how much better you could be if you were to model yourself on that person.

And then consider the opportunities for your team or business if it were to model the excellent strategies of the best sales people, customer service staff or negotiators.

Modelling excellence involves;

  • Step 1 – identify the element of excellence you want model or replicate; the difference that makes the difference
  • Step 2 – understand how the model “does it”; their thought processes, their beliefs and strategies and code in sensory terms
  • Step 3 – follow the code and reprogram or reorganise your filing cabinet to embed that behavioural excellence
  • Step 4 – repeat

 How can this help me?

  • You can learn how to do what you already do well, even better
  • You can achieve success in whatever you want
  • You can discover how to be the best version of you

So why not challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone into a world of new possibilities.

Come and discover the power of NLP and find out how to take control of your life and take responsibility for what you really want!


If you would like to understand more, sign up to my website or come along to one of my events.  Like riding a bike, you can learn how to do it by reading a book, you can listen to a webinar but the real power of NLP is in experiencing it for yourself.

So come and give it a go and Discover the Power of You!

Tracy Ward

Tracy Ward; Your Catalyst for Change

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