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My Youth Services

Young People are our future. More is expected from our young people as they find increased competition in the world around them. These expectations may be in school, passing exams, sporting achievements, scout badges, music awards even reaching a high score on the latest app!  As a result, some young people lack confidence, often feel frustrated and even angry as they struggle to meet or exceed these expectations.

Coaching focuses on listening to the young person, asking questions to stimulate their thought processes; believing in that young person and not judging. This is the perfect solution for young people as it provides the support they need.

Coaching can help young people to:-

  • Understand their purpose
  • Recognise their motivators
  • Problem solve difficult situations

And as a result

  • Address anxiety and stress
  • Improve relationships
  • Build confidence


I feel passionate about this and therefore my youth coaching is subsidised to recognise the importance of such self-development and awareness.

Tracy Ward Coaching for young people goes beyond a “talking shop”. I will help the young person to deal with the here and now and offer relevant, practical tools and techniques for the young person to take forward. With this toolbox at their disposal as they move through their life journey, you know they will be more confident, independent and resilient to deal with future events.

Choose Tracy Ward Coaching and I will commit to working with you or your young person to achieve the result that is best for them. It would be a privilege to be given the trust to be your catalyst for change and help your young person to develop and find their future path. You will see them grow deeper roots and grow into the tree that does not fall over in the storm but that bends with the wind and is more flexible and stronger.

My Youth Coaching services cover 4 products which are subsidised from £25 per hour. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

  • Youth Coaching

    Individual coaching to build resilience and find your future path – believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

  • Parent Coaching

    Embrace parenthood and improve your relationships with your youngsters.

  • Workshops for Young People

    A series of practical workshops for young people to learn the skills and strategies to build confidence, reduce anxiety and be your best

  • Workshops for Teachers

    A series of practical workshops for teachers to learn NLP skills and strategies to take into the classroom.