I’m Stuck – The Breakthrough Experience

I’m Stuck – The Breakthrough Experience

  • Do you feel you are stuck? Are you caught between a rock and a hard place?
  • Do you have a dilemma and do not know which way to turn?
  • Do you have a decision to make and are not sure what the right path is?
  • Do you have something specific to achieve but do not know what the next step should be?


The Breakthrough Experience is suitable for both personal and business issues and is designed to get you focussed and back on track.  While a series of coaching sessions in a programme is the way to bring longer-lasting benefits, sometimes a single in-depth session can be the catalyst to break through and help solve a dilemma or make a decision that you have been struggling with.

This is where the Breakthrough Experience can help put you on the road to success.


During this experience we will identify and reflect on your personal core values as these are fundamental to your decision making and this can be an enlightening and powerful event in itself.  I will then support and encourage you to think deeply about what is blocking you today and we will work on strategies to overcome these obstacles. I’ll also help you to consider your options and help you create your action plan to ensure that you get there.


The Breakthrough Experience is an intensive and rewarding solution.  You will be sent a few questions to answer in advance of the session to help you to focus on what you want as an outcome of the session and how you will know whether you have achieved that outcome. We can then meet for a 30 minute free consultation to ensure that I match what you are looking for as your catalyst for change.

Then, if you are willing we will hold the Breakthrough Experience which lasts for either a half day or full day depending on the outcome.

I offer follow up sessions too to hold you accountable for your progress and ensure your continued motivation and success.