My Team – Harmony and Synergy

My Team – Harmony and Synergy

  • Is your team working at its best? Do you find your team are not all working towards the same goal?
  • Are you establishing a new team and looking to demonstrate you value the teams input?
  • Are there members within the team who are not cooperative and not taking responsibility?


People are the key to success in any team.  They produce a product or deliver a service, collaborate together and with you and interact with your customers.  Whether they do this well or badly depends on your ability to get the most from your team because rarely are great business accomplishments the work of just one individual.

The ultimate goal of any team is to solve problems and get things done, whether you are in a project team, a vertical team, or a cross functional team.  The Harmony and Synergy workshops will work with your team outside of the day to day pressures to learn about how your team works and learn specific NLP (pop up to What is NLP) techniques and strategies so your team will achieve and attain ambitious new goals.


The Harmony and Synergy workshops will focus on your priorities but could include:

  • Establishing a common vision,
  • Creating building blocks for communication and collaboration
  • Handling fast-changing workplace conditions and managing stress effectively
  • Influencing styles and techniques
  • Identifying and planning for roadblocks
  • Establishing accountability


The Harmony and Synergy workshops will involve an initial consultation to understand the background of the organisation and your goals.  This will also be an opportunity for me to explain how I and the NLP techniques can help be your catalyst for change.

We can discuss the priorities for the team and I will then develop workshops to address these requirements that meet your time and budget restrictions. The workshops can be in short, sharp bursts or longer days and we can discuss the benefits of each and the period over which they should take place.

We will agree the delivery plan and I provide regular follow-up support to ensure that you reap the return on the investment.