“Thank you so much Tracy for your workshop yesterday giving an introduction to NLP. I liked the way you constructed a full day that introduced the power of NLP to both newcomers and the more experienced practitioners of NLP. Everyone in the room experienced several light-bulb moments, I know I certainly did. The day was accessible, interactive, full of learnings and lots of fun. Your enthusiasm, joy and love shone through. Thank you again for sharing your experience and wisdom with us and congratulations too on running your first event”. – Jonathan Otter (January 18)

“Tracy has been helping my daughter, currently 15 years old, who was experiencing extreme exam anxiety. She would get so anxious about exams or tests that she would be not be able to study for them and then completely blank during a test. Tracy has been working at regular intervals with my daughter over the past year and I have observed some real improvement to my daughter’s attitude to studying ahead of exams and also to her exams results. There have been some set back but working with Tracy, I have seen that my child has been able to picking herself back up and her ability to deal with her anxiety is a lot better than 12 months ago. We are 6 months ahead of her GCSEs and I can see real signs that my daughter is starting to control her emotions thanks to her work with Tracy. I asked my daughter to tell me what she thought about working with Tracy and she said: In many ways Tracy is like a friend as she is always there to listen no matter how small or silly your issue may be. For me working with her really helped me discover who I was as a person and also what kind of a person I wanted to be. She has always said to me that I could contact her whenever I needed her which to me showed me how much she cared about my wellbeing and me in general. When I first started working with Tracy my grades were at their lowest and my anxiety was at the highest it had ever been, after only one session with her I felt more confident in myself and my grades stared to improve significantly.’” – K. Mother of daughter aged 15 (November 17)

“Tracy Ward has not only a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon but also a likable and down to Earth approach that makes training with her easy and effective. You have everything to gain from training with Tracy; she really is Your Catalyst for Change.” – Amit Lahon (October 2017)

“Tracy. What an inspirational talk by an inspirational lady!! So funny encouraging and generous of spirit. How lucky Bramford and I am that you joined Chix with Sticks. THANK YOU”
– Joyce Jay (June 2017)

“Working with Tracy has been and remains an amazing experience. Her ability to create the space for me to find solutions myself is very powerful. Tracy has guided me to solve problems that I did not know how to deal with. She has been sensitive and what I appreciate is that she is not judgemental about me or how I do things. She is kind and I trust her to look after my best interest and wellbeing at all times. She has got a tremendous positive energy and I have never felt rushed in any of the work we’ve done together. I would highly recommend Tracy, for yourself or your children. I would be very happy to speak with you if you have any questions about Tracy and how she works .”
– Irma de Putter
 (May 2017)

“When put at risk of redundancy my confidence hit an all-time low;  the thought of applying and being interviewed for jobs at this time was daunting to say the least.  However after spending a few hours with Tracy I started recognising what I could offer and am capable of.  I felt ready to grasp this as an opportunity and gained the confidence to apply for jobs I would not have considered before and  I got the job I wanted which has resulted in a much happier me.”
Sarina Sargeant (May 2017)

I have known Tracy for several years, having previously worked both for and with her, and afterwards continuing our relationship on a personal basis. Tracy is an extremely accomplished project manager and facilitator – I have witnessed her skill on many occasions in guiding groups of people that often have different personalities and priorities through discovery, discussion and debate to reach positive outcomes including agreeing key actions and responsibilities. Tracy is able to lead people without dictating what they must do, but instead helping them to realise what they need/want to do and to organise those realisations into definitive actions.
I learnt a huge amount from working with Tracy in terms of project management/facilitation techniques and also how to guide and influence people. Even after moving on from Tracy’s team, she has continued to mentor me, providing advice and insight into my personal traits and how I can positively use and manage those to realise my potential. She has also helped me to explore and deal with issues in the areas of people management and workload stress with a patient and sympathetic approach in her manner which I have found really important when covering emotive topics. I’m delighted to see Tracy moving forward in this area as I’ve always felt her skill and experience to be ideally suited to helping people on their journey in life.

– Kate Millea (April 2017)

Hi Tracy, I would like to thank you for agreeing to help me with my anxiety and lack of confidence and i feel that i have come a long way since our first session.
– A. Aged 14 (March 2017)

Tracy is an amazing coach whom I’ve been fortunate enough to be coached by. I thought I had found me through other coaching resources but how Tracy used the coaching skills to unlock my inner child on my first session, just incredible, I can never thank her enough. Thank you Tracy so blessed to have found you and be coached by you
– Nazma Khatun (February 2017)